Friday, September 30, 2011


She looked up and saw the sun glimmer, like hope on a blue day; the leaves threw shadowy freckles onto her lovely face. The sunlight caused her honeyed eyes to sparkle like precious jewels set into the ivory tone of her skin. This day was one of the loveliest thus far, yet it was nothing in comparison to the warmth and beauty of her appearance.

In passing, the ruby red of candy like flowers and buds shone bright and dapper, turning faintly transparent in the mid day heat. She knew that soon, too soon, they would wilt; and very soon, she would too. It seems our benevolent sun is a killer after all, or must we blame the icy water for this murder?

She seemed peaceful for she was looking up. She seemed peaceful, as her corpse floated gently down the stream.

Author's Note: Reference to this and this