Thursday, November 24, 2011


Not the extravagant ones, the simple ones are the ones that make you happy. You could have a roaring celebration with a thousand people around, and all new suits and shirts and shoes, and all the laughter that your heart can hold or atleast comprehend; but it wouldn’t compare. No, not to the simple moments. The moments in candle light, when the electricity trips. Or when you look out a window and see only stars. The smiles that you gather like coins through the day. A very sweet daydream. Or ice cream. An inside joke that a close friend slips into a crowded conversation. The laughter of children. Those mornings when a warm (or cold, depending on the season) shower feels like winning the lottery. That feeling when you make someone tea, even though you hate tea, even though you’re getting late, even though you barely know how. Contrary to popular belief, there is more bliss in the mundane, in the everyday than there is in a million holidays; if you’d only deign to see it.


  1. I could quote Monster Magnet, and urge you to "live for the moment". I could go all Cartier-Bresson on your ass, and tell you to "seize it, capture it".

    I won't.

    Thank you for the moments.

  2. Hey, happened to tumble on this and loved the simple thought behind the post. Thoughts of the future is so engaging sometime that we miss the small joy of the present. Hope i learn soon to enjoy NOW!! then ponder on the future.


  3. love your blog, and love this post! surprisingly, i had 2 consecutive posts in my reader about moments, but i must say, yours is the one i found more suited to my frame of mind :)

  4. Animesh: No, thanks you =)

    Vidisha: I'm glad this post had the desired effect, I hope you have a very beautiful life. Much love.

    Kris: Hahaha, that is surprising. Thank you for such a lovely compliment.


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