Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Proverbial White Handkerchief

A dangerous chill scratched at the French windows and the sun wouldn't be up for hours. It was that time of night when even the wolves couldn't bear to be outside. It was no time to leave but the war was almost over and the battle flags were rising to the mast.

He sat by her bedside and whispered softly,

"I know you need space, and I'm willing to give it to you. But if I followed you halfway across the Universe, where would that leave me?"

She nodded and the tears began to fall.

"That would leave me sad, alone and in a different country, just like you."

"Well, at least you'd get to see a different country, do you want to stay here all your life?"

He threw his hands up and left. She reached for the immaculate handkerchief, wiped up her tears and felt the long-awaited sinking feeling.


  1. i think this is beautiful! gave me goosebumps... *claps*

  2. I hope you mean it.
    Thanks a lot.
    It means a lot.
    Much love.


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