Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inevitably the rumour spills forth and shatters; tactlessly, tastelessly, gracelessly. It falls, like a breaking crystal throwing refracted rainbow light; it falls, like the baubles that tumble when a Christmas tree falls; it falls, like a ruined, leaking house of glass. And the stone throwers will be homeless in the streets, but replete with the power of their words. The birds will sing no more for want of a tree, lack of a home. Yet the hornets return to nests once left vacant.


  1. This one is your BEST post, yet!
    "like the baubles that tumble when a Christmas tree falls". Wow!

  2. Thank you Nivee, you're too kind.
    This was conceived on a bus.
    And the Christmas tree bit is real-life-inspired.
    Our Christmas tree actually fell =P

    Ps. There a trace of WikiLeaks scorn in there somewhere.


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