Friday, December 2, 2011

Free as a Bird

They use that phrase like if should mean freedom; they think that a free bird should fly, that the moment you open a bird's cage, it will fly free, as water does flow from a point of high potential - swiftly & without stopping.

But have these people witnessed an opened cage? I have. And free birds do not fly. Open the cage to a captive bird and it will stay, for it does not know what awaits beyond the door. And then gingerly poke one foot out, not its head, but a toughened claw instead. And then it waits. In time it will hop out, but from there again it waits. It waits for a while, it looks around. Half an hour has passed since the cage was opened, the bird is finally on the window and ready to leave. Which it does, but slowly.

So are we free, like singing birds in an open cage? I think not. We're free-er still...


  1. you're right. we're free-er than a caged bird set loose. because we're intelligent enough to know we're free, when we are...if only we pause and think about it :)

  2. Freedom? Really? Do what you feel like doing, without a persistent need to do it?

    Its such an ideal concept.

  3. Kris: Thanks =)

    Animesh: Your comment is the exact reason I don't like people judging my writing on a personal level. You assume that this piece is a reflection of the current state of things; but it isn't. You may have missed the point, I fear...


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